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Veggies and Water for Weight Loss

Although there are diet pills existing today, it still doesn’t have the magic ingredients to help you weight-loss in an instant. However, your diet can make a big difference.


Eating a healthy diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables is one of the key factors to staying fit and lose unwanted weight. Hitting the gym a few times a week can also help to reduce your waistline, but there are also some sneaky tips to help you be a bump faster.


Aside from weight loss supplement such as Meratrim, there are a lot of methods for you to do in order to achieve your body goals. Here are two very simple ways you can consider to help aid weight loss and speed up your metabolism:


Eat More Fruits and Veggies

All kinds of fruits and vegetables play a very important role in our nutrition. In fact, a scientific research shows that vegetables have loads of water and fiber, which helps human to function well. Also, it has just a few calories, a quantity of food capable of producing such an amount of energy.


Eat the same size of food that you usually take but cut out foods that contain the high dosage of calories. You can achieve this by replacing the food rich in starch or protein of your meal with fruits and vegetables that contain a moderate amount of carbohydrates and calories.


Scientifical Proof: A research on food and nutrition shows that the portion or size of the food you eat makes a big factor in feeling full. In fact, in an experiment, each participant was given the same amount of pasta with various amounts of different vegetables.


All the participants in the said experiment ate similar amounts of food careless of how much vegetables they got. This means that those who had the greatest proportion of vegetables ate the fewest size of calories without even knowing it.


Drink Water


Always remember that the amount of water you drink plays a very important role in sustaining a healthy body. Juices, sodas, cocktails, and coffees are drinks that are rich in calories. Again, in order to lose weight, we need to take fewer calories every day. Drinking this kind of beverages doesn’t make us really full even though we feel kind of like that. The truth is it just leaves extra calories in our body that we don’t need.


Scientifical Proof: A study concerning older adults shows that people who drank about 2 cups or 500ml of water before their breakfast ate almost 13% less than the participants who did not drink any water before they eat.


In the meantime, researchers also claimed that drinking water before every meal doesn’t seem to have an exact effect to those younger adults. Meaning, people with ages from 18 to 35, may or may not have the same reaction on this proportion control. Nevertheless, replacing juice or soda with water can really save your calorie intake.