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Decorate your House with Black, Here’s How

Is your favorite color black? You want to decorate your room with black but you are afraid that it will turn to a punk house or a rocker’s place. Or you have your mid-century modern collection but you are not sure if they are suitable with black. Here are some tips on how you can create a very pretty design with black as the main color. Thanks to the mid-century furniture designers of EMFURN for some imparted knowledge. You can visit them here:


Emphasize with Dark Wall or Floor


Every manufacturer offers black paint, but it’s typically used for the front doors of Colonial-style residences, or for trim in old Victorian homes. But, in reality, black can be much more than just an accent color. Cover one wall or even your whole room in black, and the result can be daring, dramatic, emotional, and definitely sexy.


The floor is one of the biggest parts of your room. Since your favorite color is black, why not put some drama with a dark floor? The floor of your house can be inked or stained, and the effect combines well with a cherry wood. Black marble is another good choice. And the pairing of black and white (or other lighter colors) looks great on any floor. It’s a classic look that’s synonymous with foyers plus the industrial furniture decor that will be placed perfectly.


Combine Black With Color


For a dramatic touch, why not add just a hint of yellow to black paint to increase its intensity or orange to black to enhance productivity. These combinations of colors give a more pattern to the eye of the people.


Place colorful art or photographs from Emfurn on a black wall. If a home features monochromatic art or sculpture on a wall, the focus becomes the color of the artwork itself, allowing the texture, surface, and purity to reveal itself. Or do the opposite and group black-themed knickknacks, collectibles and photos on a wall of a lighter color.


Make a Small Place Stand Out


Are you thinking of making a small part of your house look larger? Ignore what you might have heard about painting a small room in a light shade – it is not always true, believe me. Because the reality is dark rooms feel larger because the room lines disappear and it’s hard to identify the wall or end of each corner. Black also makes wood grains pop out and makes details come to life.


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