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5 Creative Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

“Photographs open doors into the past but they also allow a look into the future.”

– Sally Mann, American Photographer


Capture the joy, beauty, and importance of pregnancy with a personal maternity portrait session with your favorite photographer. There’s nothing can beat the joy of a soon-to-be-mother woman once she does her pregnancy photography, together with her loved one in a family portrait.

Stunning Pregnancy Photo Shoot Ideas

Show the beauty of the mom to be with these stunning photo shoot ideas. Ready the camera, the location, lights, props, and backdrops to capture this incredible time in a mother’s life. Maternity photography can be intimidating to some women, but for sure, a friendly team of photographers will make them comfortable, relaxed, and feeling beautiful.


Here are some creative maternity photo shoot ideas that you can check. Remember that mothers to need to approve it first, so better to consult them first before preparing the materials.

1. Gift Wrapping Baby

This photoshoot style is not new at all. However, this is very beautiful and meaningful. Giftwrap the belly of the mothers-to-be with ribbon or some sort of decorating strips. Put a tag with labels such as “do not open” or “soon to come” and display the baby’s due date.


This design of pictures may also mean that the baby inside is another life from God above. And it could also mean that the parents, especially the mother, is very thankful for the new gift, which is the baby.

2. Boudoir Photography

Boudoir is a photographic style featuring intimate, romantic, and sometimes sexy images of the subject. This is usually done by newlyweds or a female who wants to have a sexy figure.


Nowadays, Boudoir photos aren’t just for private enjoyment or romantic partners. A mom to be can put on her lace undies and take a few sexy photos. It can be in a silhouette or black & white form so it can give more vibrant yet sensual feels.

3. Happy Siblings

Capture a playful moment between the mother and her other sons or daughters. Any pose will do as long as they (mother and siblings) show their happiness. This is will be very memorable not just to the mothers, but also to the children.

4. Keep the Hands

This style needs the participation of the whole family members.  Surround the growing baby with loving hands by putting each hand in the belly of the mother. This can be a very sweet photo that includes all the family members.

5. Ready for the Baby

Place the belly of the mom-to-be at the center of the photo and surround it with baby things such as shoes, milk bottles, pacifier, and much more. This shows that the mother (or the whole family) is ready for the baby to come.